Social Media Responsibility

We often fail to check about credibility of anything that is posted in social networking websites. When it is funny pictures or news, it doesn’t matter . We don’t have the time to investigate whether its true or not. But yesterday, there was an incident which made me think about the real necessity of doing so.

One of my close buddy posted below given image in fb, which irritated me. We both felt sad for all those innocent people who lost their lives.

This made me think, why would they do something like that? Is there so much hatred between all these religions. I even thought how we can stop them from doing this. To check for more news on this, I did few googling and I felt really amazed to see originals of those images in flicker.

The entire photoStream is can be found at

 I don’t know intention of the guy who made the story upside down. This clearly means in every religion or groups there are people who tries to take advantage of our religious sentiments. They can survive only if there is enough hatred in between. I have been seeing lot of posts like this. So In my opinion at least we should be able to identify what is fake and avoid it from spreading, and I call it as our Social Media Responsibility.  

One thought on “Social Media Responsibility

  1. hallo, am not konw about this, if its wright is a sadisam. a true humen cant do like this, but we canot because the god” not giving permition to kill our brothers and sisters in any religion. its shame for humen community too.

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